What Botox Can Do For You

May 2, 2016

Botox was FDA approved in 2002 for cosmetic use to reduce frown lines for both men and women and has quickly become one of the most popular injectable used for cosmetic purposes in the country. It is estimated over 4 million people use Botox for cosmetic purposes every year.  Once associated with rich housewives, Botox is now a procedure that someone you know probably gets, or that you have possibly considered yourself.  Getting Botox in your 20s and 30s ultimately prevents you from requiring more invasive procedures later on. “You are too young for that” may no longer apply.

Preventative Botox can be used  to improve facial symmetry (ex. Droopy brow). Symmetry is one of the largest factors in perceived attractiveness.  By your late 20s you start to become more of a serious candidate for Botox usage.  A typical case at this age is fair skinned individuals who have had extensive sun exposure. Other candidates include facial squinters, frowners and eye brow raisers. These individuals use repetitive exaggerated facial expressions without even realizing it. The use of Botox at this stage can retrain your facial muscles to react in a gentler manner to reduce the chance of etched in lines.

In your early to mid-30s odds are those without preventative care you have a few creases or lines.  Has your makeup started to collect in a particular area?  Frown and forehead lines are starting to appear.  Botox can stop the creases from becoming more noticeable and with repetitive usage your skin can become smooth again.  By your late 30s, various common facial movements have likely caused various signs of aging.  A common use at this age is under eye treatments to stop the roll of skin that forms under your eyes when you smile.  Botox can also be used to lift the eyelids, eyebrows and stop crow’s feet before more drastic procedures are needed.

Most individuals over the age of 40 can receive noticeable benefits from the use of Botox.  Patients at this age are usually proud they held out this long.  However, if preventative Botox had been used a patient at this age will only require a few more injections.  Patients who have not used preventative Botox will require more injections as well as other cosmetic procedures to obtain the same desired look.

So how early is too early for Botox?  Contact Radiant Touch Laser Center today at (940) 264-3223 for your personal consultation.  Even if wrinkles aren’t your concern, we can help!