One amazing laser, many effective uses

Radiant Touch Laser Center offers Wichita Falls the technologically advanced SCITON laser to treat a multitude of cosmetic concerns. SCITON has a variety of modules to treat different conditions—from sun spots to cellulite.

Our SCITON laser has the ability to:

  • Remove hair
  • Remove pigmented spots such as sun spots, brown spots, age spots (Forever Young BBL™ Phototherapy)
  • Treat rosacea, spider veins, red broken blood vessels, cherry angiomas (BBL™ Phototherapy)
  • Tighten skin, plus reduce wrinkles, fine lines and crows’ feet (SkinTyte II™)
  • Treat acne (BBL™ Phototherapy)
  • Treat or revise scars, including acne scars (ProFractional™ Skin Resurfacing)
  • Resurface and remodel skin through micro laser peels and ProFractional treatments (Contour TRL™ Laser Peel)
  • Tighten upper and lower eyelids (SkinTyte II™ Skin Firming)