Lip Augmentation

September 26, 2016
Female lips before and after lip augmentation

Lip augmentation has quickly exploded in popularity over the last few years…and lip augmentation using fillers has advanced quickly.  The products and methods used allow almost all procedures to be reversible and the risk of allergic reaction is almost zero. Temporary lip fillers are the best option to plump up those lips.

The success rate of these types of cosmetic treatments depends on who performs them.  Consider a bad haircut.  You would not blame the scissors.  Word of mouth is the best way to find an amazing injector.  If you see someone who looks great (and you know they use cosmetic procedures) ask them. Many people offer fillers these days, it is extremely important to ask how long they have been doing injections and how they were trained.  Ask to see actual before and after photos of patients. Do not stop at brochures from the product manufacturer.  Once you have found someone promising book a consultation and see what results they believe they can give you.

Results and expectations may vary with cosmetic treatments.  You may want Angelina’s lips but bringing a pic of your favorite celebrity’s features won’t be helpful.  Find an old photo of yourself that you like and bring it to your appointment.  A person’s face tends to be at its fullest during our 20s.  This is a realistic point of reference.  Be open to suggestions from your injector.

Cosmetic fillers are no different than shoes.  You will get what you pay for. While prices vary depending on which product is used and where you live, injections typically range from $500 to $2,000.  Remember you will get the best result if you wait until you can afford to pay for a full comprehensive treatment.  No one wants one shoe from a pair.

If you are curious or want more information on how your lips could be fuller, we can help!  Call Radiant Touch Laser Center at (940) 264-3223 today!  Odds are more than a few people you know already have!